PSAC files Notice to Bargain to begin negotiations process


On August 10, 2016, Canada Post received a Notice to Bargain from the Public Service Alliance of Canada /Union of Postal Communications Employees (PSAC/UPCE).

A Notice to Bargain is the routine, initial stage of a labour negotiations process.

The parties have agreed to begin negotiations October 18.

The current collective agreement expires on August 31, 2016 but the terms and conditions continue to apply.

We will keep you informed of key developments through your team leaders, Head Office communications and a Negotiations Hub on Intrapost.

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  • C says:

    I agree that there needs to be changes to the selection process, it is too long and cumbersome. The cycle time from post to hire needs to be shorter. Merit is what is important, all jobs should be posted once and open Nationally (without relocation).

    Most positions A3 and below require basic administrative skills that are held in common, any “special content” in that function can be easily learned in a few months or even weeks, how can it be fair to deny someone a basic admin job because they do not have function specific knowledge and then hire someone off the street who know nothing about Canada Post? We should not have to interview to transfer to these positions. At the very least specific courses should be made available to UPCE for us to take on line to make it a more level playing field, so the requirement to apply for transfer to an A3 in PC&R: You need these programs at this proficiency and these on line courses completed (eLearning), or this community college course or specific certificate program. If you want the job self manage your career and do the work to get the necessary qualifications for the job.

    I like the structure of Skills, Abilities & Personal Suitability I think they need this in Management and APOC, it is too focused on one interview and does not take into account the full picture, using the CBI approach is good, I agree that past behaviour is the best predictor of current or future behaviour but the selection process for MGT & APOC is too narrow, some people just don’t interview well in that method, the selection process should involve a broader spectrum of criteria, including better analysis of the resume, background, performance appraisals and education plus an interview with both CBI questions and other forms.

    Just as a note of interest, at google, managers do not hire their own employees, they consider it lacking transparency to do that.

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